Hello, I'm Mei!

I'm an HCPC Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist. I help women break free from emotional eating and feel body confidence. Discover how you can ditch years of yo-yo dieting through practical changes that suit your lifestyle.


Are you tired of worrying about if emotional eating is bad?

Have you tried searching on Google to see how to stop emotional eating?

Do you feel stressed to the eyeballs not knowing what you should and shouldn't eat?

I see you. It feels like you're chasing your tail.

To top it off, that harsh inner critic is playing in your mind like a broken record and it's leaving you feeling hopeless.


Your doubts are drowning out any sense of possibility to break free from emotional eating.

So you've given up.

You've tried to keep a food diary and track your calories but you find it's a chore and you don't believe that it works.

You've thought opening up to your friends could help, but you end up feeling like they are talking AT you rather than listening to you.

You've paid for multiple nutritionists, therapists, and dietitians to help you understand your triggers but you never actually get to the root cause.

You're feeling swamped. You have hundreds of tabs open on your internet browser and have downloaded every self-help guide but you don't know where to start.


I hear you – let's beat this, together.

Hello! My name is Mei Wan and I am a Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) Registered Dietitian and a Full Member of the British Dietetic Association (BDA). I specialise in emotional eating, weight loss, and the prevention of type 2 diabetes. 

Having obtained a 2:1 (honors) degree from The University of Surrey, I have worked as a Specialist Project Lead Dietitian for both adult and childhood obesity management. I am a Senior Dietitian and Diabetes Specialist Dietitian in digital health care in which I help patients to prevent type 2 diabetes and support individuals with type 2 diabetes. Alongside my private work, I continue to work within the NHS by helping my patients to achieve diabetes remission. I have recently obtained my Level 2 Certification in Counselling Skills. 


My passion to help people understand the root cause(s) of their health problems stemmed from transforming my own medical issues. I know the challenges too well when it comes to making (lifestyle) changes!  

I can take you from ''I'm stuck and confused'' to ''I'm confident and I know clearly what to do next.''



"My doctor told me my only option was weight loss surgery. I was devasted, I didn't want this at all. Mei showed me not only could I lose weight without surgery but that I could finally trust myself with food."

— Mrs. S

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