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- I have struggled with my diet for most of my life. Mei’s help enabled me to understand my needs better and to craft a diet that meets those needs - both nutritionally and practically. The tailored advice is a game-changer and something everyone should have access to. If you are thinking about seeing a dietitian, I highly recommend Mei as someone who will listen to your needs and guide you with compassion, dignity, and intellect. -

J.H. 31, female, charity worker, London

(attended 4x 60-minute online consultations)

- I had the pleasure of working with Mei, a fantastic dietitian who truly made a difference in my approach to health and wellness. I was struggling with weight gain and emotional eating due to stress, but Mei's personalised approach and compassionate care helped me.

Mei provided practical recommendations, such as increasing my water intake and reducing the frequency of takeout meals. She also helped me understand the importance of incorporating mindful practices into my daily routine, and taught me the roles of carbs, protein, fats, and fiber in the diet. With Mei's guidance, I was able to snack less and understand why I was snacking.

What I loved most about Mei's approach was her positivity and encouragement. She was like a cheerleader, always offering words of support and motivation when I needed it most. As a result, I stopped gaining weight and now have the knowledge and tools to gradually reduce my weight back to where I want it to be. Thank you, Mei!

- V. K., 32, She/Her, Charity/health/social care sector, London

(attended 10 x 60-minute online consultations)

- I chose Mei as I have a family history of diabetes and Mei is a specialist with significant experience. I want to avoid developing the disease, especially after a gestational diabetes diagnosis in pregnancy, and Mei's advice regarding my weight loss and sugar consumption goals has been invaluable. I have reapproached my relationship with food, treating myself and food itself with respect and making different choices that support my goals. Mei is extremely friendly and I found her feedback and exercises grounded in a very rounded sense of the individual and the pressures of wider society on them and how that might affect food choices. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mei and feel her wisdom could benefit individuals and groups with different goals. -

H. S., She/Her, Events Manager, London

(attended 4x 60-minute online consultations)

- Mei was hugely empathetic and knowledgeable. Mei put me at ease and I left each session feeling motivated and with all the necessary information to succeed long-term. Thank you! -

L. A., 32, She/Her (attended 2x 60-minute online consultations)

I started looking for a dietitian back in January 2023, when after a routine blood test, I received some concerning results regarding my cholesterol levels and insulin resistance indicators. As a 23-year-old, hoping to start a career in the culinary world, these were rather scary for me. I booked my discovery call with Mei after reading her profile. Her qualifications and focus on health rather than weight loss stood out to me (Her having a qualification from the same university as I am attending, also made me more keen to contact her, as it felt like a nice coincidence). Throughout our call, Mei immediately addressed and eased my fears, ensuring that all of my issues were completely reversible with the right actions. I was first reluctant to start consultations because in the past I had bad experiences with nutritionists recommending unsustainable and strict meal plans, so going in, I knew I did not want a specific meal plan, especially because, as a trained chef it is important to me to have creative freedom over my meals. Mei was incredibly understanding and accommodating to this, as well as to my need to approach this journey as one that will improve my health, rather than a weight loss strategy - weight loss and disordered eating being issues I have struggled with in the past.  

After the call, I committed to 4 sessions, throughout which she taught me a lot about the importance of all the different nutrients and how certain ingredients can actively support the lowering of my cholesterol.  

She suggested I take pictures of my meals, which not only allowed her to give me feedback on what I was consuming, it pushed me to be more mindful of my meals, taking a closer look, and making sure they all contained the necessary amount of fibre, protein, carbs and ideal amounts of unsaturated fats.  

Committing to three satiating meals reduced my cravings throughout the day, as well as improved my digestion and bloating, allowing me to enjoy the occasional takeout without making me feel like I’ve lost progress. Thanks to the consultations I have also recommitted myself to regular exercise, improving my energy levels and sleep.  

I really enjoyed Mei’s approach to teaching and her ability to come up with personal recommendations for both practices and products, that suited my lifestyle and needs.  

After just 3 months of working together and following Mei’s advice, my blood test results improved immensely, my insulin resistance being well within the normal levels and greatly lowering my cholesterol levels.  

I am truly grateful for all her support and guidance, for helping me take control of my health and habits! -

K. N-B., 23, She/Her, Trainee Chef (attended 4x 60-minute online consultations)

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''Digestion and satiety start in the mouth''- Mei Wan, Registered Dietitian + Nutritionist

- My doctor told me my only option was weight loss surgery. I was devasted, I didn't want this at all. Mei showed me not only could I lose weight without surgery but that I could finally trust myself with food. - Mrs. S

- I have gained so much knowledge and help from you. I haven't been able to lose this much weight since 2003. I kept gaining weight, 5 stones in all those years. So to be able to lose weight is a great achievement for me. Your advice has been invaluable and has changed my relationship with food. - Mrs. U

- Mei is fantastic. She is reassuring and very understanding of my situation and my feelings. Mei really made me feel like I was actually worthy of giving myself kindness and time. She is informative and was accepting of my fears. Mei held the space for me to feel truly listened to.

Miss. F

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