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My Specialisms

As a Registered Dietitian, I can help you with:

weight loss, type 2 diabetes, emotional eating, PCOS, cholesterol levels, fatty liver (MASLD), and sleep + stress.

From identifying if you have disordered eating to understanding what you need to do for healthy and long-term weight loss, I would be delighted to be part of your journey to better health!

Once you have decided on which consultation package you prefer, book your 20-minute, complimentary discovery call so I can make sure I'm the right person to help you and it will be a chance to ask me any questions.

Weight Loss

  • helping you feel good & about your body

  • eating more foods that you enjoy

  • sustainable & practical changes you can start doing from day one


  • discover how to eat well & nourish your body

  • increased energy

  • improve period regularity

Type 2 diabetes

  • increasing the chances of diabetes remission

  • a personalised guide to carbohydrates to suit you & your lifestyle

  • improve blood glucose control

Heart Health &

Fatty Liver

  • everyday foods to enjoy that help to lower cholesterol and/or improve liver function

  • simple techniques to improve blood pressure

  • how to reduce the risk of stroke & heart attacks

Stress / Habitual Eating

  • supporting you identify the root cause(s) of emotional eating

  • how to break the cycle of overeating

  • Cultivate a balanced relationship with food

Sleep & Stress Management

  • improved sleep (this impacts weight, blood glucose, food cravings, & blood pressure).

  • reduced stress (helps you manage most medical conditions)

  • 1 to 1 private consultations 

  • Customised meal plans

  • Group consultations

  • Personalised supermarket experience

  • Mindful eating experience

 - all services available online & face to face -

Book a 15-minute complimentary discovery call

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