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Private Blood Testing

  • Be in charge of your health by discovering if you are deficient in vitamins and checking the status of pre-existing medical conditions.

  • Get your customised blood work results within 48 hours

  • No more waiting means more time to take action on your health

  • Book your 20-minute, complimentary discovery call to learn more about your health

  • Thriva blood tests give you health insights, actionable support, and GP advice. 

  • A general health check gives you a clear picture of what’s going on inside and how to support your body.

  • Check everything from your cholesterol levels to your liver function and vitamin D levels

  • Gain insights into how you can further optimise your health.

thriva blood test kit

Suitable for:

  • Anyone looking to get a comprehensive insight into their health

  • Those with preexisting health conditions

  • Those tracking whether lifestyle or medications changes have improved your levels

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